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   DEFINE was founded in 2013 at Shijiazhuang High-Tech Development region, which is a professional integrated provider of clean water, it is mainly engaged in developing high purity water preparation, storage and distribution, dosing systems, high activity effluent processing system’s design, construction, adjustment, validation of the pharmaceutical, high-end chemicals, cosmetics and other industries, and some consulting services of FDA, GMP certification.
Since the company established, with the high standards and strict with ourselves, which makes DEFINE get the trust and support around a large numbers of customers. DEFINE has a GC3 pressure pipeline installation qualification and ISO9001 certification currently.
DEFINE has a professional design team, construction team, verification team, automation team. Each member of our team has a strong experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and also have accepted the professional training abroad. DEFINE’s teams provide a high quality equipment and systems of pharmaceutical water to customers with some advanced ideas, exquisite technique, and excellent service.