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Purified Water Generator System

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Product Description

    Pre-treatment System

    The pre-treatment system is designed by professional water system software’s solution, which according to the raw water from the customer. The main purpose for the pre-treatment is to remove sediment, colloid, iron manganese ion, etc., in order to get the standard of feed water in RO Membrane. The main values: SDI< 3 residual chlorine< 1ppm, PH7-8, total hardness < 120ppm, microorganism: 0.

    RO+RO System:RO+RO System:
    The main features for RO+R0 system in DEFINE are: 1, there are no medium storage, which could decrease some risks of the pollution of microorganism. 2, it is a special control design, which could make sure that there are no loss. 3, the low-frequency inner circulation could avoid backwater in the system.

    RO+EDI system:
    The RO+EDI system mainly focuses on the better water quality. The better control system could make sure the safety of EDI running, prevent puncture EDI. We also have sampling design, which is easily for us to manage it. 

    2RO+EDI system:
    The 2RO+EDI system is mainly focuses on the worse water quality. After the 2RO+EDI treatment, the user could get clean water with the top quality.